Sphero Mini - how to replace defective battery

Some years ago I bought a Sphero Mini Robotic ball on a business trip. I was very flashed by the introdution movie and i though, that this is a perfect gift for my kids. Same as with other toys, kids losts his interessest on this robotic ball and it disappeared in a corner of other "lost toys" after a while.

Sphero Mini won't start - defective battery

Two years later, sphero mini came back, but it won't start. Sphero Mini was blinking with connected USB-cable only. So I thought first to a death battery.

Hopefuly I tried loading Sphero Mini Robotic ball via USB until he showed my "full loaded" state. But after removing the USB-cable Sphero Mini Life light went out again. Very disappointing....

As a passionated hobbyist, I started removing of all screws and I was very surprise about this easyness. Sphero Mini's battery / LiPo Accu was simple connected to it.

After a short research with Google with "ETL 402025", i found an online-shop who offered me the correct LiPo for my defective Sphero Mini robotic ball. I bought it for round about 7 € inkl. shipping costs and started replacement of defective battery.

steps for successfull battery replacement

  • remove two screws from transparent plasic cover
  • remove electronic board carefully
  • remember positions of red/black cable of power connector!
  • remove defective battery / LiPo Accu
  • re-solder connector from old to new LiPo Accu
  • put the new LiPo Accu inside, recover power connector (pay attention to red/black cable position)
  • put electronic board back carefully. pay attention to connector
  • put transparent plasic cover and fix with two screws

That's all!

A big praise to developers of this easy setup!

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